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ICEA, in cooperation with a group of producers, prepared a Standard for Eco-Friendly Cosmetics.

This initial group developed into a technical workshop with the participation of authoritative members of the academic and scientific world (School of Cosmetology of the University of Ferrara, Department of Pharmacology of the University of Bologna).

ICEA makes available not only the List of certified products and producers, but also the INCI List of Ingredients for every product.
No mutually recognized standards exist at international or European level for the “environment-friendly cosmetics” sector.  As a matter of fact, often operators boast that their products have this or that quality.  However, such qualities are unclear, unverified and refer to vague and indefinite “natural” properties.  

Therefore, ICEA set out to regulate the sector and elaborated a standard which was approved not only by the parties involved in certification and by production and marketing operators, but also (and this is quite remarkable!) by consumers’ associations. 
To elaborate this standard, reference was made to the rules and regulations already successfully applied in other European countries. This standard is subject to periodical review and highlights some fundamental rules regulating the sector and defining more clearly the body-care products we called “Eco-Friendly”.

The certification issued by ICEA enables consumers to choose safe body-care products of low environmental impact and have clear, correct and exhaustive information about them.


In short, Eco-Friendly Cosmetics certified by ICEA are obtained:

  •  without the prohibited substances specified in the appropriate list;
  •  without GMOs;
  •  without animals for final product testing;
  • without ionizing radiation;
  • with certified organic vegetable and animal materials whenever available.   
ICEA certificate for all Jayanti cosmetic products:

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