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Aloe Vera Face Mask 50ml

Price: $56.00
Item Number: 4061
Manufacturer: Jayanti


The face mask based on our Aloe Vera is ideal to cleanse and revitalize face skin. The vitamins and mineral salts it contains perform and anti-aging action, and have strong anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, while pink clay oxygenates and revitalizes your skin. Its constant use removes dead cells and encourages skin regeneration. It is especially suited for acneic skins and for the treatment of skin blemishes due to cellulite.




Aloe Barbadensis Gel*, Pink Clay, Modified Guar Gum, Perfume.

*Biologic Origin.

Natural active ingredients content are:

BIO aloe vera whole virgin gel (65%): rich in vitamins and mineral salts, saponins and natural acemannan polymers (acetylated glucomannan) with their extraordinary healing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating action on skin cells and effective skin anti-aging properties; furthermore, aloe gel increases absorption of the other active principles and their biologic action.
Pink clay (30%): strong dermo purifying properties, rich in mineral salts and iron, with skin oxygenating and revitalizing properties.


Instruction for use:

Apply a thin layer of cream by evenly distributing it on your face and gently massaging it onto the skin. Allow it to rest for about 10 minutes and then rinse away with tepid water.


Weight: 6.5 oz.

Package Size: (L) 4.25” x (W) 4.25” x (H) 4”