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Alum Stone Spray Deodorant

Price: $25.00
Manufacturer: Jayanti
Manufacturer Part No: A763


100% NATURAL - 100% CONFIDENT  Preservative, parfum and aluminium free

Suitable for underarm, feet and hands

Fight the stink naturally: this 100% natural deodorant, fights and kills the bacteria that are often cause the odor of the body and refreshes your skin for long lastin protection.
Our all-natural formula is free of infamous, harmful & toxic ingredients content in most common deodorants like triclosan, aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirxonium, and aluminum chloride, there will be no stickiness, itching, staining, or skin harsh reactions as with other sprays or deodorants. It doesn't feel grease so it will not stain your clothing.


Natural active ingredients content are:

Alum stone: natural bactericidal and fungicidal.

Instruction for use:

Spray on underarm, feet and hands where the common sweating area after shower or washing.