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Argan Oil



Argan oil is one of the world rarest and most precious oils. Our organic argan oil is obtained by cold pressing technique from the fruits of the millenary plants that grow on the border with the desert, especially in the Sousse region.

Argan has been used since ancient times as a beauty elixir, it is the secret of the magnificent skin of Moroccan women. It has excellent softening, moisturizing, antioxidant, and regenerating properties, creating a real protection against external aggressions for body and hair.

Our organic oil is naturally rich in Vitamin A, F and E, and in unsaturated acids, linoleic omega 3 and 6, all substances that perform a beneficial, anti-age and nourishing action maintaining the skin always young, elastic and velvety.

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Argan Body Oil 100ml
Price: $110.00
Argan Body Oil 100ml
Argan Face Oil 50ml
Price: $72.00
Argan Face Oil 50ml
Argan Oil Toner 150ml
Price: $55.00
Argan Oil Toner 150ml